The sun is shining on Solana, currently the fastest layer-1 blockchain supporting decentralized applications and smart-contracts in crypto.

What most people think Bitcoin is, is actually Monero. Secure, private and untraceable money for everyone who wants to stay anonym.

Monero wallpaper
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Bitcoin is born with a vision of a decentralized, trustless network where anyone can send or receive BTC and participate in the network. However with time, it increasingly became centralized.

The secret serum of decentralized exchanges.

Serum. Source: Crypto Economy

Serum has seen a huge volume and growth over the past few months. What is Serum you might ask? It’s a decentralized exchange protocol with an orderbook. Imagine Binance’s convenience and speed meets a DEX like Uniswap. Serum is the creation of Sam Bankman Fried and the FTX team.

Avalanche Logo. Source:

Avalanche could be the next big crypto that blows up like Solana did. What makes AVAX a competitor to other smart-contract blockchains? While the crypto market is experiencing a dip, let’s ride on this avalanche together!

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A hash function takes an input with an arbitrary length (it can be a text message, a picture, a video, a large file, you can hash anything!) and returns a random string with fixed length. This string is often called hash value, message digest or simply digest.

If this is the first time you hear about public key cryptography or asymmetric cryptography, it can sound like some kind of magic you wouldn’t ever understand but it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

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To be able to better understand Asymmetric Cryptography, let’s take a look at what Cryptography and Symmetric Key Cryptography is.


Cryptography is the science of making communication secure. This means that sending information between myself and someone else without third-parties getting that information.

Symmetric Cryptography

Let’s imagine Bob has a box with a lock. He has a key that can lock and unlock that box. If he…

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